• AllMade, our mission

    We enable artists to live from their art.

    We make sure copyright collecting societies can pay their right holders fairly.

  • African copyright collecting societies have lagged far behind in this domain

    The Copyright Society of Congo paid artists their rights for the first time through a historic ceremony in Kinshasa. The prize ? Rice, oil and chicken...

    Artists raise awareness about the situation

    Roger Waters, from Pink Floyd, reveals how the system - which doesn't care about creators - jeopardizes the music industry.

  • What is AllMedia ?

    Copyright and related rights management tools


    AllMedia enables a secure copyright & related right management, from the collection of rights to artists' payment. Our software automatically applies international metadata to works of art in order to make their tracking easier.


    Our users :


    • Copyright collecting societies : we offer a software to manage copyright and related rights according to their specific needs, 
    • Creators : on our platform, they can protect their work, track the use of it and get paid. 


    To track the music, we created a connected device that recognizes audio in places that use background music (nightclubs, hotels etc.) and a computing server that scans radios simultaneously.


    Our system uses blockchain technology :


    • All information is automatically sent to the AllMedia software through a blockchain,
    • Copyrights are easily paid to the good right-holders,
    • Payments are secured
  • The AllMade revolution

    "A transparent management of copyrights... Every artist dreams of that", NIX - rapper from Senegal

    "[AllMade] will enable artists to live from their art", Gabin Bao - producer from Ivory Coast





    "Every one of us has the right to create,


    To be recognized for his/her creations,


    To be informed and paid fairly when his/her work is used,


    And to be the one who negociates the terms and conditions of this use."


    This is our will for the artists,

    this is the mission of AllMade.


    AllMade Team



    Three stories, three approaches, one vision

    Jean-Pierre Seck,

    Founder, CEO



    With a Master in social media strategy and community management, Jean-Pierre Seck is a music journalist, publisher and a hit producer.

    With his label 45 Scientific, he has produced two independent Gold Certified albums "Mauvais oeil" by Lunatic and "Temps Mort" by Booba, today's most famous French rapper, and a gold certified DVD "Electrostyle".


    Laura Bui,




    Producer and director, Laura Bui is an artist and entrepreneur. She holds a Master's degree from La Sorbonne (Paris IV) in international literature and audiovisual. She began in film production at the City of the Cinema of Luc Besson. She joined Jean-Pierre Seck to launch AllMade in 2013. Today she bridges the gap between entertainment and new technologies.


    Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini,




    Developer and Maker, Pierre-Alexis is an entrepreneur and consultant in digital switch-over from School 42 (Paris) created by Xavier Niel. He is a rule changer : researching new paradigms of distributed & transparent management, continuous education, freedom & empowerment. In 2016 he founded the Blockfest, a pedagogical festival about blockchain. He joined AllMade after the team won the first prize in the hackathon.